Military Mondays™

FREE elopement services for our full time active military members regardless of branch of service, rank or length in service. Offered non-holiday Mondays* at two beautiful ceremony locations.

Military Mondays Milestones!

Serving those that Serve us!

  • 500th FREE celebration – November 2015!
  • 10th Anniversary Memorial Day Monday 2017
  • Close to $400,000 in donated services!

Each of our Military Mondays couples receive professional ceremony photography, FREE OF CHARGE.

Other services such as videography, floral and musician may be included based on availability of additional vendors

  • Downtown  – at the beautiful Bali Hai Restaurant on Shelter Island overlooking San Diego Bay at the iconic San Diego Skyline.
  • San Diego North Coastal – on the peninsula lawn of the Oceanside Marina Suites in Oceanside Harbor with unobstructed harbor and ocean views.

*Based on available Mondays. Some Mondays may be excluded and are noted on the calendar when booking.

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