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The Process is very easy!

~ You simply fill out the availability form below letting us know what day, time and location you would like to Elope To San Diego. You will also be able to select other dates in case your first preference is not available.

~ You may also select the type of ceremony you wish and Officiant preference and what specials like lodging or photography you would like more information about.

~ You will receive a detailed email with all information, availability, prices, license information and vendor information.

~ If we can be of service, simply reply to that email that you would like to book.

~ We will send an email with a link to the online agreement and links to pay your retainer payment via PayPal.

~ After we receive the agreement and confirmation of retainer, we will send you a confirmation email with all detailed information on the date booked, meeting time and location and information on all vendors you requested to make contact and book their services.

NOTE: Before starting this process, please make note of the following:

  • This is for ELOPEMENT services only.
  • Amount of people allowed: We allow up to 17 witnesses total with our elopement service. 
  • THIS IS NOT for a small wedding. If you need or want chairs, an altar or wanting more than 17 guests/witnesses, please visit OUR wedding website to inquire about a beach or park wedding by Clicking Here.

ELOPE TO SAN DIEGO - Request for information

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Time of Ceremony

Type of Ceremony Desired
All ceremonies are fun, romantic and lighthearted. Couples will be given the opportunity to speak openly to each other following repeat after me style of vows.

Act of celebration (You must bring items needed, we will supply the ceremony wording)

Officiant Attire Preference

Estimated number of guests

Request for Photography: YesNo
Note: We prefer to ONLY work with photographers associated with Elope to San Diego. If you plan to hire someone on your own, there are a few restrictions they must adhere to in regards to the ceremony. We have no restrictions for formal photography before or after your ceremony.

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