Elope to San Diego


The Elope to San Diego™ service includes:

  • A personal and romantic elopement ceremony performed by an Award winning wedding Chaplain (Religious, Non-denominational, Spiritual or Civil Type).
  • FREE filing of your marriage license following the ceremony with your County Clerk if so desired.
  • No Additional fees for additional guests… Your children, family and friends are encouraged to witness and participate with a limit of 17 at no additional charge AND, you are NOT required to buy any additional high priced photography services if you do.
  • No additional charge for adding acts of celebration like adding the Sand, Rose or Lei Ceremony as long as you bring your actual items!
  • Elopement Photography is available upon request and offered at a special Elope to San Diego™ rate by Professional San Diego Wedding Photographers.


Military Discount?… How about FREE!

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Beware of wedding or elopement services making unsubstantiated claims. ANYONE can say they’ve been performing weddings in San Diego for generations, or create their own emblem proclaiming they are the BEST, the BIGGEST, the OLDEST or MOST TRUSTED. Those claims don’t mean a thing without an objective, 3rd party accreditation or governance to back them up!


Let us help you in planning an INEXPENSIVE and romantic elopement….

Congratulations! You’ve made that big decision and are ready to run off and Elope to San Diego and now all you need the information on how to do it without spending a fortune. You’ve come to the right place! Understanding you’re on a tight budget, Elope to San Diego™ has the information you need to put the plan in motion. The best part is; there are no additional fees to take advantage of the special vendor packages offered with Elope to San Diego™. Better yet, let me show you how to save money with area hotels and fine restaurants that work with me! (some offer packages at a price only available through Elope to La Jolla™)


Unlike most of the other elopement services offered in the area, we don’t take a commission or referral payment from any vendor working with us. Each vendor believes in the Elope TO San Diego concept; to provide professional services without the high costs associated with the word “wedding” or, they are simply not part of the Elope TO San Diego family. Plus, we don’t have a family member as the photographer and force you to use them. You are more than welcome to find your own and shop around…..It’s your day and most importantly, it’s an Elopement!


Let’s face facts, if you wanted to spend thousands on your wedding day and participate in the pomp and circumstance of a traditional wedding, you wouldn’t be eloping! So why come to San Diego and hire someone that will over-charge you? And trust us, there are a few that will!!! Whatever the idea; a quiet moment in one of many beautiful parks in America’s Finest City’s or a “barefoot in the sand” ceremony along the Bay or the Pacific …Elope TO San Diego is designed to help you put everything together.


Look over the many packages offered, secure your ceremony services and you’ll then receive the information and special codes supplied by each vendor. As I am NOT a travel agency, you still get the excitement of planning your elopement getaway with the information you need to get it done while saving time and a few dollars in the process.

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