License Info


A valid Public or Non-Public (Confidential) marriage license may be obtained in any County in the state of California and used in the County of San Diego.

Your marriage license is effective immediately and valid for 90 days anywhere within the state of California.

This office only issues marriage licenses if both parties are at least 18 years of age.

Appointments are required in San Diego and San Bernardino


Each person must present one form of valid photo identification with proof of age. To expedite the identification process, it is recommended that both parties bring a certified copy of their birth certificate.

Witness Requirement

1. If you are having a civil ceremony and have already purchased a public marriage license, you will need at least one witness.
2. If you are having a civil ceremony and have already purchased a confidential marriage license, you will not need a witness.

If either party has been granted a divorce or filed a “Termination of Domestic Partnership” within 90 days of applying for a new marriage license, a copy of the final divorce decree or termination documents must be presented at the time of issue.

The Name Equality Act of 2007 (AB102, Chapter 567, Statutes of 2007) gives specific rights to parties at the time they are applying for a California marriage license to choose and list on the marriage license the new name that each party will go by after marriage. Please refer to the Name Equality Act.

A blood test is not required.

There is no residency requirement in California.

Once you have your marriage license the ceremony can be performed at the church of your choice, a wedding chapel, or a civil ceremony may be performed by this office.

After the ceremony, the license must be returned to our office for recording. Certified copies may be purchased one week after the license is returned to our office.

For San Diego County Marriage License information on Fees, Office locations and hours CLICK HERE.

For Marriage License information in other counties on Fees, Office locations and hours, please to an internet searc using the county name and “County Clerk/Recorder”.