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Elope to Coronado™ – Dunes

Elope to Coronado™ a service of Elope to San Diego and Elope to Coronado. Coronado Dunes Location - ©2017 Vows From The Heart - All Rights Reserved Photo: Rev. Christopher Tuttle

Nestled in the dunes of Coronado’s Central Beach with the historic Hotel del Coronado as your backdrop, your lighthearted and romantic elopement ceremony will be presented by a multi AWARD WINNING San Diego Wedding Chaplain without personal judgement or religious agenda.

Plus, you can bring along up to 17 family and friends to join you at no additional cost or purchase requirements (based on the amount of people) like some of the other services on Coronado Island.


CLICK HERE for more information on how to Elope to Coronado Beach from Elope to San Diego!